About Our School

The Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented is dedicated to providing a rigorous instructional program that challenges students to set goals and to take responsibility for their learning. We believe that student achievement is predicated on high standards, a clearly defined and rigorous curriculum and a strong  home - school connection. We believe that all students possess natural gifts and talents that enhance their intellectual capabilities. We want our students to be lifelong learners and achievers. We educate our students to become leaders, problem solvers and critical thinkers. 

Our school is built upon years of visionary leadership, a dedicated teaching staff and strong parental involvement. Our students excel because of the vision, dedication and support. Our motto, "To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required," is the basis for our beliefs and our achievements. 

This school has an instructional program designed for gifted and talented students. Our students are multilingual and represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds. We offer bilingual studies, cultural studies and second language learning in Spanish and French. Regents credit is offered in all major subject areas. 

Philippa Schuyler Middle School was named after Philippa Duke Schuyler, a child prodigy born in August of 1931, who was able to read and write at the age of two and a half, a pianist at four, and a composer by five. Philippa was often compared to Mozart. 

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